How to Download LEI Certificate

Introducing LEI Certificate


As of July 2020, LEI Register has introduced a new option for customers in India- The LEI Register’s Official LEI Certificate. It is available as a PDF file as well as A4 paper document (sent as a mail, delivered within 7 working days).


What is an LEI Certificate?

LEI Certificate is a document displaying your company information based on a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) that is an international standard (ISO 17442) and is endorsed by G20 countries. LEI aims to standardize information regarding legal entities around the globe.


LEI Register has trustworthy information on all companies with valid LEI-s around the world. The information is checked and renewed every year. 


How to download LEI Certificate?


To download the LEI Certificate, you need to choose it in the checkout page of LEI Registration/ LEI Renewal process. You will receive the certificate as a downloadable email file.The PDF Certificate price starts at ₹890.


The benefits of LEI Certificate 


Often banks, brokers, etc may ask for your LEI or proof of it before making a financial transaction or decision. This is where LEI Certificate comes of great benefit. The certificate can be sent via e-mail to their onboarding team or upload it to your bank account or trader’s platform to make the LEI identification process more seamless.


Prices for the LEI Certificate + Tag


Years LEI LEI Certificate + Tag Certificate hard copy
1 ₹3990 +₹890 +₹990
3 ₹9990 +₹1690 +₹990
5 ₹14900 +₹2490 +₹990