The LEI cost for different periods. Save on annual LEI fee when registering your LEI for longer period

LEI cost for 1 year
LEI cost for 3 years
LEI cost for 5 years

Renewal of the legal entity identifier (LEI) for one year ₹ 4400 

*0% GST
** The invoice will be sent after the assignment of the legal entity identifier (LEI)

LEI cost (initial registration)

LEI registration and fee for 1 year - ₹ 4400 (₹ 4400 per year)

LEI registration and fee for 3 years - ₹ 10 500 (₹ 3500 per year) 

LEI registration and  fee for 5 years - ₹ 16 500 (₹ 3300 per year) 

LEI renewal cost

LEI renewal and registration fee for 1 year ₹ 4400 (₹ 4400 per year)

LEI renewal and registration fee for 3 year ₹ 10 500 (₹ 3500 per year)

LEI renewal and registration fee for 5 year ₹ 16 500 (₹ 3300 per year)

What is included in the LEI cost price?

Initial registration price or renewal price with respectable fee for the period. The GLEIF fee is included in the indicated price. Currently GLEIF surcharge is 11 USD per application for 1 year. VAT is added if applicable. Please read the next question about VAT.

Please note that our prices include ALL the fees. When comparing to another service provider, please make sure that they indicate the total cost. It is a common practice to show the price without the GLEIF fee at first.

When is the price with 0% VAT and when will the VAT be added ?

The price shown is with 0% VAT. 0% VAT is applicable if the company has a valid EU VAT number. We validate the VAT number against the VIES database. If a company does not have a valid VAT number, VAT will be added.

Payment methods

Currently we accept credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, MAESTRO) payments as well as PayPal payments. If you are having difficulty paying with a credit card please contact us at